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Sending off mass letters, advertisements, and promotional materials doesn't have to cost a lot of money with Assemble & Mail Group, Inc. For a discounted rate, we process bar-coded mailers, booklets, and postcards for conferences, politicians, organizations, accountants, and colleges.

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Female & Minority-Owned Business

Shipping Available via USPS®,
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Who We Are

Since 1990, Assemble & Mail Group, Inc. of Heyworth, Illinois, has been providing the best in intelligent mailing services. We've developed a reputation over time, and now we serve as one of the top 300 mailers in the United States, despite being in a town of only 2,400 people. We enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the constant changes of the USPS®, and we have both standard- and first-class permits for all of our services. Discover the difference we can make by contacting us today.


Contact our letter shop in Heyworth, Illinois, to request our mailing services.